TRIBU comes from the need to connect.

When we work together, anything is possible. As a platform designed to unite the fashion world, TRIBU helps create what has not been done before and educate the up and coming talent. We are a social networking website that allows you to share, collaborate, and connect with the industry’s most talented people.


• A valuable online directory organized by expertise and interest and searchable by geo graphical location.
• Opportunities to connect with other users to expand your network.
• Opportunity to showcase your work, post and apply for career opportunities, and list your events.
• Educational and professional programming from leading industry experts such as webinars, talks, and workshops.
• Exclusive member benefits from our sponsors and partners all over the world.
• Desktop and mobile app platform.


TRIBU is a new, members-only networking desktop and mobile app platform providing a connection between users and others in the fashion and design worlds. Tribu is the Spanish word for tribe, clan, or community and perfectly represents what this platform is all about: to help people grow and strengthen their connections across all sectors of the fashion and design industries.